Mind Storm (Outro)

"The Blank Canvas" Official Cover. (thanks to @TheRealKayne)

This will be the last song on the EP, "The Blank Canvas", coming soon!

(over Wale - "Centre Of Attention")

I Remember Years Ago, I Started Writing Rap's
And I'll Admit It, They Were Wack
But I'm Growing, In Fact, I Still Am
But Still Think Thought's Like A Grown Man
And Speak Truth
And Uncover The Roots
When They Ain't Even Scratching The Surface
I Been Through Years of Pain, You Don't Know What Hurt Is
Bullies Bullying, It Made Me Kinda Fucked Up Mentally
Not Believing In What Friend's Are Telling Me
But That, I Overcame
You Must Be On Novacane
If You Can't Feel My Pain
And My Hunger, Cause My Passion Is Rap
And I've Never Been Told My Rapping Is Crap
But Also Never Been Told That It's Crack
So I Guess I'm Halfway
Of Making These Kid's That Laughed Say
That "He Can Rap Great"
And Hey
Sorry, If My Flow Isn't Perfect
But, In These Verse's
I Can Say Something With More Purpose
While These Dude's Say Nothing Worth Shit
Still The Got A Deal
And Album's Sell Close To A Mill
But When I Listen, There's Nothing That I Can Feel
No Devotion, Focus
On Word's That Are Spoken
Just Some Bullshit With No Like Or As
Drop The Mic, And Cash
You Don't Deserve It
I'd Work Hard To Get Half Of What You Earn, Kid
On My Earl Shit
Grow A Fan Base, But Still Unknown
But The Story's Still Is Told
Hi Y'all, My Name Is Paul, Need I Remind Y'all
Yeah, I'm Quite
But Got The Heart Of A Giant
And Right Now I Might As Well Explain
The Blank Canvas Is For Me To Let Go Of Pain
But Really It's Too Much For One EP To Contain
But I Gotta Let This Out, Otherwise I'd Go Insane
I Ain't Drained
Cause I Could Keep Going
Cause I Really Love Is
Why? Cause I Feel It's The Only Thing I Can Fuck With
That I Really Love
And It's Music
I Just Wanna Say The Truest It
And Speak From My Brain
And When I Do It Hit's You Like A Hurricane
That's Why I Call This Mind Storm
You See What I Rhyme For?
You See What I'd Die For?
Hip-Hop Motherfucker, I'm Alive For!


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