Price Tag Freestyle

Now When I Listen To The Radio, All I Hear Is Blabbering
Lyrics Slacking And, Only Talking 'Bout The Cash They Got
All The Clothes, Cars They Bought, The Jewellery They Copped
Boy Stop, Just Last Week You'd Say You'd Shoot Up That Spot
Now You In The Clubs, Only Place You'll Get Love
Us Real Fans Won't Support You, You Sold Out Cuz
Man There's Dozens Of 'Em, Fronting Like They Real Or Something
But They One Hit Wonder's, By Next Year They'll Be Nothing
We Just Hear To Spread A Message, No Texting
Try To Be Creative, Show No Matter What You Can Make It
Just Don't Put A Price Tag On Your Soul, Or They'll Take It
But Stay True, Refuse Any Offer Given To You
Screw The Label Heads, Executives, Trying To Control That Pen
You Got A Message Let It Out, Let It Send To The Masses
Real Talent On Radio Is What We Lacking
Subtract The Fakery, And Add Democracy, You Get It


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