Microphone Freestyle

You Know I Get It Kill It On That Microphone
Beat Plays And I Get In To The Zone
Mind State Of A Killer
Lyric's Murda Ya
I'm The Microphone Murderer
Body Beats, The Track Terrorizer
The Pressurizer, Once I Start There Will Be No Survivors
Leaving Witnesses With Tinnitus
I'm A Giant Compared To These Miniature Lyricists
I Dismantle Em, Handle Em Like A Vandal
Kill Em, Eat Em Like A Hannibal Would
An Animal With These Bars
Mentally, Physically Lyrically Insane
Check My Brain A Psycho's Mind Frame Ain't No Other You Can Name
That Can Rap The Same As This
Lyrical Terrorist
A Threat To These Terrible, Horrible
By-Products Of This Industry
It's Killing Me That They Getting This Popularity
Fuck No They Don't Deserve It
They Doing A Disservice
Deceiving The Publics View Putting Wack Shit On The Media
It's Easy To Corrupt Like Wikipedia
What Your Seeing Don't Believe It
They Misleading Ya


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