Roman's Revenge Freestyle

Rah Rah I'm A Dungeon Dragon
Bite Bite I'm An Animal, Hannibal To Be Precise
I'm Nice But My Flow So Mean
Killing Machine, Yep Yep That's Me
You Know My Steez, A Star In The Gang
One Man Wu-Tang
One Half Of A Slaughterhouse
Meat Cleavers And Machetes
I'm Ready Come Test Me
You'll Get Cut Before You Finish That
Sentence, I'll End This Fakeness
Take This, Get Prepared For A Bloody End
You Hit A Dead End, My Friend
I Tend To Murder MC's Frequently
Say They Name But You Gotta Say R.I.P., First,
They Location Is A Hearse, After This Verse
No Nurse Or Doctor Can Revive Them
They Won't Survive This
Fire Breather, Lier, Squeeze You Eyes Out
Do You Feel Pain Now, Yep I'm Insane Now
Columbine State Of Mind
I Could Murder All You Rejects
Surprised Yes? Your Guess
Well Your Wrong
Take This Song As Me Just Venting Out
The Bullied That Bullied Are Pussies Now
Class Clown's, Assholes
Hang You From The Flag Pole
Why So Serious, Hit You With The Dillengers
Murder Infront Of The Villegers
Then Throw Your Body In My Dungeon
Feed You To My Dungeon Dragon
You Said You Was High Couldn't Get On The Wagon
Cursed Just Like Madden
Sad When, A Wack MC's Career Is Murdered Right
Fuck That


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