Blame Game Freestyle

She wanna blame me for the pain
That she gains on the day to day
Looks at me and i just dont know what to say
She got me feeling guilt now, but i dont even know how
or why this girl is acting like this
Shit i thought me and her got along
I even thought that we beloned
But i suppose i was wrong
i thought we shared a bond
That could last for eternity
But confidentially she knew it wont work out
So why diddnt she fucking tell me
Her friend, well she thinks he is.
Warned me about this bullshit
But i feel into the trap
Man this shit is wack, i fell in love too soon yet she still blames me
Or maybe she fucking doesnt
see im so confused
I gotta let this all out
So ill leak it out through the ink on my pen
Watch it sink in while i sit here thinking about you


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