Not So Popular Kid

I'm The Not So Popular Kid, At School, And I'm Aware Of That Shit
But I Can Rap, And I May Make It, So Beware of This Kid
Cause I Won't Mind Mentioning And Putting You In A Verse
Going Off Showing You That This Dudes Is Berserk
Put The CD In Ya Car, And After The Song Starting
You'll Be Dead Before You Pull Over, No Trayvon Martin
Cause Listeners Feel The Effect Of These Killer Bars
A Mix Of A Psychos Brain, With A Fucking Killers Heart
I'm Never Ending Bitch, There's No Stopping Paul
That Day I'll Come Whenever Flex Stops Dropping Bombs
Go And Hide, Yeah, Change Your Name Like Malice Did
But You'll Still End Up In That Water, Not Like Khaled, Shit
They'll All Care About What P D Say
But They Won't Give Two Fucks About You, Like TNA
Being Real is In MY DNA, It Can't Handle Fake
Like You Fucking Record Labels, That Can't Manage Great
Dudes Play Guitar Thinking They The Coolest
Bullshit, You Do That All Time, You're A Cool Dick
Don't Bring It Out Round This Fire, He Marked
Thinking You Bad, I'll Leave You Screaming Out "Gee, Sharp"!
Maybe Not Gee, Just For The Punchline Sakes
And Probably Them Some Lines May
Make Somebody Think I'm Dissing Em, Listen I'm Not
But To Some, Yeah I Am, So Don't Dismiss What I Jot


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