Just My Opinion: 2011 Year In Review!

It's safe to say that 2011 has been a great year, with many highlights and great moments. It's hard to write about them all, and I could cover a wide range of topics, like incredible hip-hop albums and mixtapes, epic film sagas ending, and, probably not everyone is a fan of this, great WWE moments. I'll touch on all these topics, in my... 2011: Year In Review!

First off, I'll touch on the music moments of 2011. Now, I'm a high hip-hop fan, and a rapper myself, but I'll leave that 'till later, and I can safely say that this has been an amazing year for hip-hop. People like to say that "Mainstream rap sucks, only in the underground is where you will find good hip-hop". I mean, yeah, mainstream hip-hop does suck, see "Tha Carter IV", but I don't fully believe this. Lupe Fiasco back in March dropped the long awaited "Lasers". After many protests by fans over in the States, and a petition with over 32,000 people signing it, it was finally released. and at first, it wasn't welcomed very well, but in my opinion, it was a great album, with a great mix of songs. From fun club songs ("I Don't Wanna Care Right Now"), to songs for the ladies ("Out Of My Head"), radio friendly songs ("The Show Goes On"), but also very controversial songs, that touched on many deep subjects ("Words I Never Said"). There was one thing people failed to realise, people said Lupe changed, but they clearly never ACTUALLY listened. He was still the same lyrically talented Lupe Fiasco. It may not be his best album, but damnit, it was no where near a bad album! We also seen a year full of incredible albums by deadly duos. Kanye West and Jay-Z joined together to drop "Watch The Throne", which in my opinion was a good album, and one of the best albums of the year, at least top 10 to me. Songs like "Murder to Excellence", "No Church In The Wild", "Who Gon Stop Me", and possibly the biggest singles of the year "Niggas In Paris". I'm not a big fan of club songs, but when I hear that song, I can't help but want to go out for a party. Eminem & Royce Da 5'9" also finally got together to release a 10 year in the waiting EP, "Hell: The Sequel". I remember finally listening to it and not stopping for a very long time. Eminem went fucking crazy, and Royce did also, showing that these 2 fine MC's are 2 of the best in the game. Highlights include the Intro, "Welcome 2 Hell", "The Reunion", "Above The Law", "Take From Me", and my favourite song on the EP, "Loud Noises" with my favourite group of rappers, Slaughterhouse. By the way, I REALLY encourage you to check out, if you haven't, the BET cypher with Emine, Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf. Fucking crazy! But, the best album of the year stiill, in my opinion, don't hate, is Kendrick Lamars "Section.80". I remember coming home from a great night out, realizing it was available for purchase, and at 2AM in the morning on July 2nd, buying which I never guessed would have been my number 1 album of the year. All I can say his this 24 year old highly talented rapper has a very promising future, and you should definitely check him out! I could go on and on, like about The Roots' incredible new album "undun" and how Common is about to release a new album, where every song that dropped before has been better than the last (check out "Blue Sky"), also Saigon releasing his long awaited album "The Greatest Story Never Told" which I highly recommend, but this year has been a year to remember for hip-hop! Now, on to films!

There has been many great films released this year, I go to the cinema alot so I think I may have seen the majority of films that have been brought out this year, but I want to touch on one thing. 2011 marked something very big, the end of Harry Potter. I'm not sure about others but I grew up reading and watching Harry Potter, it was like my childhood, so it sucked to see it all end. The excitement of a new Harry Potter movie coming out was always high for me, and that sucks to see that end. I seen it the day it came out with my aunt, and although I would have changed a few things, I loved it and thought it was a great way to see it end. It has been redeemed after "Half Blood Prince", which was basically a romantic comedy and kind of just lost touch with the story, which you can't do so close to the end. Plus, the amount of great moments I was looking forward to seeing, and seeing them not in the film was really disappointing. Still, after Deathly Hallows Part 1, my hopes were very high, but the feeling of it ending was always their, and that was shit. To see one of the greatest film series come to an end, and also a film which I followed since a child was weird. But, all great things end, and I tip my hat to everyone, from the cast, directors, and of course, JK Rowling. Thanks for the amazing childhood. But, on to other film highlights of the year. It's hard for me to choose my favourite film, but a few films stick in mind. Limitless, for one. That was an awesome film with a fantastic starring role from "Hangover" star Bradley Cooper about a man who had it a dead end in his writing career, but after being given a pill which gave him all access to his brain, it comes with some great consequences... but did have its down sides. "Rise of The Planet of The Apes" was also one of my top films this year. Resurrecting "Planet Of The Apes" story has been done before, but this had a fantastic story, also the ending, and what it was eluding to, made the film perfect in my eyes. There are other films I could say are films I enjoyed this year, but let's move on to...

...WWE. Now, I know not everyone is a fan of WWE, has people aren't that in to wrest.. sorry Vince McMahon, "sports entertainment".  Actually, sorry to start this negatively, but that was bullshit. Banning the word "wrestling". Really? (in Mizs voice). Wrestling is what basically got you your millions. When people watch, what do they expect? Wrestling. C'mon Son. WWE did have alot of negatives this year, like rushing potential great storylines and the overuse of twitter, but overall, it has been a great, and enjoyable year in the "WWE Universe" (ditch that Vince, Universe just sounds corny). I remember at the start of the year staying up with my brother to watch Royal Rumble, and from then, I became a fan again. I zoned out abit in 2010, but after watching that show, then The Rocks return, I was right back into it. I stayed up for The Rocks return back in February, and I marked the fuck out when "IF YOU SMELL.." started to play. It was crazy! He went on to be the host of, which to be honest, was a only decent Wrestlemania. Things kind of slowed down, Punk joined Nexus, Cena and The Rock agreed to have a match at 2012s 'Mania, which I am looking forward to. But, just when I kinda lost interest, the events of the 27th of June took place. CM Punk was given a microphone and absolutely went the fuck off on the WWE. Declaring he would leave the WWE with the Title, and dong things that were similar to the Attitude Era (to none WWE fans, this was the best era of the WWE. Just look up Stone Cold from 1998 onwards). This marked a turn in the WWE I never thought I'd see. I watched Money In The Bank, and that was one of the best nights in WWE in 2011. The Cena-Punk match was amazing, even twitter reactions during the match were greatness. And when Punk hit the GTS on Cena and left with the title, I, along with thousands, marked out and thanked the WWE for this moment. He left, and after that Vince was fired by the bored and replaced by Triple H. Then a few weeks later, with "Cult of Personality" as the music, Punk returned. There were two WWE champions, Cena and Punk, and at SummerSlam those two would fight with Hunter as Guest Referee, which seen Punk retain, but then losing to Alberto Del Rio after Kevin Nash powerbombed Punk after the match. Can't lie, that disappointed me, but still, SummerSlam was a great PPV. I could go on and on, and I didn't even mention Punks amazing promos, like the contract signings with Vince and Triple H, and just him on the mic, he proved why he is one of the best in the world. He had the talent on the mic, and he backed that up in the ring. He is my personal number 1 wrestler this year (yes, not superstar, wrestler). Punk kind of make me lose interest about the whole Rock-Cena feud, and made me forget that Cena-Miz even happened, even though they did have a great feud in my view. 2011 was really Punks year. He is currently the champion, and my dream match would be Punk Vs. Austin, but it looks like it may be him and Jerhico at 'Mania 28. That still should be a great match, no matter what, between those two choices, the mic work would be off the charts, just like the match. 2011 has been Punks, and damn, I'm hoping WWE continue down this road next year. Congratulations WWE, on having your best year since.. well, a couple years.

Well, that's it. That's mainly what my 2011 has been, and it has been such a good year. It's great to end it by writing this article, and it's been great revising moments from the last year. I just hope 2012 can be this good. So, 2012, here we come! (and don't kill us, 2013 seems to have a good film line up)


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